Three suspected human trafficking victims rescued by Gardaí in Cork

Three suspected human trafficking victims rescued by Gardaí in Cork

THREE PEOPLE have been rescued by Gardaí after apparently falling victim to human trafficking.

As part of an investigation into the prevalence of human trafficking in Ireland, an operation was carried out by Gardaí in north Cork on Sunday which resulted in the rescue of three men.

The large-scale investigation was launched by uniformed officers in Cork and was supported by armed Gardaí and the dog unit, according to The Irish Independent.

According to Gardaí, two premises in Charleville and Mallow were searched as part of the investigation and a total of 24 people at those locations were interviewed.

No arrests were made, but three men were taken from the premises after Gardaí suspected them to have been recently trafficked into the country.

Gardáí are working on the suspicion that the men were trafficked into the country and were being exploited through intense manual labour employment without proper pay or living conditions.

The victims, who are believed to be aged in their 20s, are now receiving assistance and support from the relevant authorities, and Gardaí are liaising with international police agencies to confirm their identities and nationalities.

Once their nationalities are confirmed, Gardaí will seek support from their home embassies.

Investigations are ongoing.