A toastie festival is coming to Bray in November

A toastie festival is coming to Bray in November

TOASTIES are great aren't they? Warm or cold, crisp or soft, 8am or 11pm, they're as versatile a snack as they come.

They're the ultimate choice for the not-so-skilled-in-the-kitchen types. Feel free to cram whatever you have in the fridge or in the cupboard in there, slap a bit of cheese on it, give it some heat and you've got yourself a ribbon-worthy entry to the county-fair.

So it's no surprise to see that a festival has been created in their honour.

With that being said, The Harbour Bar Toastie Festival is returning to Bray, Co. Wicklow this November.

It will begin on Friday, November 1 until Sunday November 3.

This will be the third year in a row the festival has taken place, and it's no surprise given the huge number of people who flocked there in 2018.

Sandwich lovers countrywide will get the chance to enjoy the unmatchable staple that is the ham and cheese toastie, but if you're looking for something a little more quirky, have no fear as there'll be plenty other varieties on offer.

The event listing describes itself as "a celebration of a Harbour Bar classic, our humble ham and cheese toastie, a firm favourite to go with that post Cliff Walk well-earned pint or perfect pot of tea."

For more information about the festival, click here.