Trains delayed in Ireland after cow wanders onto the tracks

Trains delayed in Ireland after cow wanders onto the tracks

COMMUTERS IN Ireland found their route to work blocked by a rather unusual and entirely Irish problem today.

Anyone travelling from Waterford to Dublin’s Heuston Station this morning, January 9th, found themselves facing severe delays.

But while issues with trains are nothing new in Ireland, there was something rather unique about this particular issue: there was a cow on the tracks.

Iarnród Éireann was the first to alert commuters to the issue, affecting one particular set of tracks which was being blocked by a solitary cow that decided to graze in an inopportune spot.

As of 7am that day, trains on that particular stretch of the track had been halted while the problem was dealt with.

A message on the Iarnród Éireann Twitter account wrote:

"Waterford to Heuston service - expect delays due to a cow on the line. We are responding accordingly to get the line cleared as soon as possible."

It wasn’t long before the jokes began to roll in.

“Did you ask it to mooove?” one follower responded.

“We did, but we are not sure he herd us!!” Iarnród Éireann replied.

“Udder madness,” another added.

“Ah yer Milking it now!!” a third quipped.

“Collision with a train could have caused udder destruction, tell the cow to get out of the whey...” a fourth said, with many evidently amoosed by the situation.


In any case, it soon emerged that this wasn’t the first time a cow had wandered onto this particular section of track.

“Happened yesterday too!” one user claimed.

“Is... Is it the same cow. Off to work like,” someone replied.

Thankfully, the cow was eventually cleared off the tracks and the service resumed as normal.