Twitter reacts brilliantly to worldwide Facebook outage

Twitter reacts brilliantly to worldwide Facebook outage

TWITTER responded in the best possible way to the worldwide Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage which last over six hours on Monday.

At around 4:45pm (Irish time), the first reports of problems came flooding in to Facebook HQ, and they wouldn't be properly fixed until the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The face of social media changed drastically in a matter of hours, as users streamed over to Twitter and TikTok in search of online refuge.

Twitter, aware of the unique position they were in, tweeted: "Hello literally everyone."

The account gained around a million followers during the six-hour outage which saw users unable to access Facebook, as well as Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

A whopping €50 billion was wiped off Facebook's value overnight, and the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost an estimated €7 billion of his personal fortune thanks to the outage.

The problems were blamed on a "faulty configuration change", which is understood to have been performed internally, though Facebook refused to specify who executed the change and whether or not it was planned.

The hunt has now begun to find the individual responsible for the error, which is thought to have cost the global economy around €250 million.