Tyson Fury ‘knocks out’ Cesaro and ‘brawls’ with Braun Strowman during WWE Raw

Tyson Fury ‘knocks out’ Cesaro and ‘brawls’ with Braun Strowman during WWE Raw

TYSON FURY enjoyed a Monday night to remember on WWE Raw with the boxer going toe-to-toe grapplers Cesaro and Braun Strowman.

The boxer, who is of Irish heritage, followed in the footsteps as such luminaries as Mike Tyson and Donald Trump with an appearance in the squared circle.

Fury’s wrestling debut came last Friday, October 4, on WWE Smackdown, where he had to be held back from confronting Strowman in the ring.

But the shackles were well and truly off this part Monday, with Fury confronting Strowman and demanding as “apology” for several disparaging comments previously made.

With Strowman refusing to back down, Fury was left with little choice but to unleash hell, sparking off a mass brawl that sent several WWE security guards flying.

The televised broadcast of Raw ended with Fury and Strowman being held back in opposite corners of the ring – but the fun didn’t end there.

WWE revealed the show went off air Fury’s rampage continued with Cesaro the unfortunate recipient of two punches as he attempted to calm the boxer.

The self-proclaimed Gypsy King was in his element and while a few of his “punches” looked a little off, a post-fighting career in the world of sports entertainment could beckon.

Fury is enjoying a much-needed break after his victory over Otto Wallin in Las Vegas last September.

He is set to return to the ring in February 2020 for his much-anticipated rematch with Deontay Wilder. No punches will be pulled there.