Are aliens invading Ireland? Bizarre footage shows 'UFOs' flying over Cork

Are aliens invading Ireland? Bizarre footage shows 'UFOs' flying over Cork

FOOTAGE OF three unidentified orbs of light hovering high above Cork has been unearthed online.

The jerky video recording shows a series of glowing fireballs floating over the city, before moving slowly across the city.

Captured by a UFO spotter on YouTube, the clip offers compelling evidence that UFOs could well exist and are already here in Ireland.

Cork has proven to be a relative hotbed for UFO sightings in the past few years, with 12 reported incidents involving unidentified flying objects in the past 20 years.

These sightings don't necessarily indicate the existence of extra-terrestrial life though.

One widely held theory suggests the flying objects may actually be top secret military flying technology that is being tested out in safe airspace.

There are some commonalities among the previously reported sightings chronicled on UFO Stalker and this new footage though.

In one instance, a witness reported "three lights forming a triangle" not entirely dissimilar to the lights spotted in this footage.

Others mention seeing an "orange ball" of light and, in another instance, "two star-like objects". There are also reports a "low flying, silent craft".

Theses descriptions certainly paint a vivid picture and concur with the shapes spotted in the video.

These aren't the only infamous UFO sightings to come out of the Emerald Isle either.

To find out more about whether the truth really is out there, take a look at the Irish Post's list of 13 of Ireland's most notorious UFO hotspots and the stories behind them.



** originally Published on: May 9, 2018 by: Jack Beresford