New US legislation could see 5,000 work visas granted to Irish citizens

New US legislation could see 5,000 work visas granted to Irish citizens

IRISH CITIZENS could be set to benefit from proposed US legislation that would see 5,000 work visas made available to those looking to live and work in America.

A bill has been introduced to Congress that would see Irish citizens become eligible for the E3 visa, The Irish Times reports.

The E3 visa is already available to Australian citizens and allows a person and their partner to live and work in the US for up to two years.

A change to the rules could open up a wealth of opportunities to Irish workers looking to start a new life and explore fresh opportunities across the pond.

It follows discussions between John Deasy, the government envoy to US Congress who works with the undocumented Irish living in the US, and office of the House speaker Paul Ryan.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Washington has also been working on the deal, that would also see the Irish Government ease the requirements for Americans who wish to retire to Ireland.

One change would see US citizens given the right to work up to 20 hours a week while a reduction in the minimum annual income required to retire to Ireland would also be implemented.

However, the change still some way off becoming a reality.

The bill must first pass a vote on the House floor of Congress, which is due to take place next week once it reconvenes.

From there, the bill must then go on to the Senate where it will need unanimous consent before passing.