'Vast majority' of people with coronavirus symptoms are not isolating - Ronan Glynn

'Vast majority' of people with coronavirus symptoms are not isolating - Ronan Glynn

IRELAND'S acting Chief Medical Officer has revealed that a worryingly high number of people with symptoms of Covid-19 are choosing not to isolate.

Dr Ronan Glynn has stressed the importance of taking precautions, particularly after a recent increase in coronavirus case numbers in the country this week.

The Department of Health confirmed on Sunday that 53 new cases had been identified, while on Saturday an additional 45 cases were diagnosed.

Dr Glynn confirmed that a recent survey indicated that "the vast majority" of people who have contacted GPs because they fear they might have Covid-19 have not been isolating while their symptoms have been present.

These symptoms can include a cough, a fever, shortness of breath or the loss of taste, smell and appetite.

"The importance of isolating as soon as you have any flu-like symptoms cannot be overstated," Dr Glynn warned.


"Without this individual action, we simply will not break the chains of transmission and we will put many people at risk of infection.

"It is important that people know that there is no charge for GP testing services relating to Covid-19. Please do not hesitate to contact your GP if you have any concerns."

He went on to suggest a number of ways in which people could limit any potential spread of coronavirus.

These include limiting the size of your network and the amount of time you spend with people, keeping your distance wherever possible, meeting up outside instead of indoors, washing your hands regularly, wearing a face mask whenever possible, and downloading the Covid Tracker App.