VIDEO: Irishman's dramatic elephant encounter caught on video

VIDEO: Irishman's dramatic elephant encounter caught on video

AN Irishman has had a dramatic encounter with an African bull elephant on safari in Zimbabwe. 

A video posted on YouTube shows the dramatic moment when Stephen Montague, 39, was knocked to the ground by an African bull elephant.

Mr Montague, from Co.Tyrone was on holiday in Mana Pools, northern Zimbabwe with his American wife and her family when the incident occurred.

The elephant, at first seems calm as it approaches the tourists, but then appears to become agitated. It then crashes into Mr Montague and his brother in law Shane Wolf before flipping over the table they had been sitting at.

The end of the video shows Mr Wolf lifting up his shirt to show the place where the elephant's tusk gored him. Neither were seriously injured and both went on to finish their safari.

Male African elephants can be temperamental in nature, and bull elephants have been known to be wild and aggressive during musth. Despite this elephants, who are still poached for their ivory, are at much greater risk from humans.

Watch the video here: