Video: Runaway horse charges into bar with dangerously chaotic results

Video: Runaway horse charges into bar with dangerously chaotic results

REMEMBER THE old joke about the horse that walked into the bar?

Well, it finally happened for real, except this time the long faces belonged to the patrons and staff of a sports bar in France.

They were the ones forced to flee after the young racehorse bolted into the drinking establishment, having just escaped the clutches of her handler.

It was no laughing matter, as CCTV footage from the incident showed.

The horse's arrival sparked several seconds of unbridled chaos, with the animal seen careening across the floor in the footage at some speed.

The horse was being trained at the nearby Chateau de Chantilly, some 30 miles north of Paris, which is known throughout the world for hosting prized racehorses.

According to Ouest-France, the horse's trainer Jean-Marie Beguignem had lost control of the animal, which apparently has a reputation for running away, as he led her to the racecourse.

Once inside the drinking establishment, the horse ran from one end of the bar to the other before turning around and charging straight back through.

Customers and bar staff alike were lucky to escape injury too, given that the horse continued to buck its legs and crash into nearby furniture as it went through the venue.

Thankfully the horse remained unhurt too and was successfully returned to its stable later that same day.

So ultimately it was neigh bother.