Wallaby on the loose after escaping from estate in Tyrone

Wallaby on the loose after escaping from estate in Tyrone

A wallaby is currently on the loose in Northern Ireland after it escaped from Glenpark Estate in Co Tyrone on Sunday.

Two wallabies had arrived at the estate in Omagh on Sunday, with one of them jumping over a fence and escaping a short time later.

It was last seen on the Gortin Road in Omagh on Sunday evening – around 8km from the estate.

Speaking on Tuesday morning, owner of Glenpark Estate, Richard Beattie, said park staff are continuing efforts to locate the missing marsupial.

A team of eight are searching an area with a half-mile radius around the park, he said.

Mr Beattie said he remained confident the wallaby would be found.

"It will turn up, it is just a matter of where and when. There is no threat to it, it will not starve, and it is in its natural habitat," he added.

Mr Beattie previously urged the public not to approach the animal if they spotted it.

"The animal is startled. It's out of its enclosure, it's in a strange area. Just stay back," he told BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra programme on Monday.

He also told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that the biggest problem the team searching for the marsupial currently have is that they are close to Gortin Glens Forest Park which has thousands of acres of trees.
Beattie described her as around two feet in height with the “exact same” long tail and jumping style as a kangaroo.

He said there’s a possibility the animal could have hidden in long grass.