WATCH: Cheers as elderly Irish woman discharged after 79 days on life support with Covid-19

WATCH: Cheers as elderly Irish woman discharged after 79 days on life support with Covid-19

THERE WERE jubilant scenes in a Cork hospital yesterday as a mother-of-two was discharged after spending a total of 79 days on life support.

Mary Sullivan is believed to have spent more time on a ventilator than any other coronavirus patient in Ireland or the UK, and could have broken a European record with her recovery after more than two months on life support.

The mother of two, from Douglas in County Cork, was celebrated by staff in Bon Secours hospital as she was led out of the intensive care unit to be brought to a general ward after making the miraculous recovery.

Staff who had cared for her while in intensive care lined the corridors to cheer and clap, and even off-duty staff members showed up to applaud Ms Sullivan, who travelled through the corridor in a chair adorned with pink baloons.

The moment was captured by RTÉ reporter Paschal Sheehy, who posted the heartwarming video to Twitter.

Ms Sullivan was initially hospitalised on 11 March after suffering a heart attack, and later tested positive for Covid-19.

Her condition worsened and she was transferred to the ICU for life support after developing respiratory failure, where she spent 79 days on a ventilator.

Yesterday, Ms Sullivan told RTÉ News that she wanted the wonderful staff at Bon Secours hospital "to be recognised for all ye have done," adding "I do appreciate it."

"I feel wonderful. Only for ye [medical staff] , this day would never have happened."

Her daughters, Niamh and Yvonne, told the outlet that there were times they thought they would never see their mother leave the ICU.

"It's surreal. We can't actually put it into words at this stage," Yvonne Sullivan said. "It was an emotional rollercoaster.

"You do have to stay positive. Keep having faith in the fantastic medical team that you have and not just the medical team, the cleaning teams and every team who are in here who risk their lives every day to look after every patient. It's phenomenal.

"Keep having faith in them and don't give up hope."