WATCH: Claire Byrne humiliates 'clueless' Nigel Farage during heated RTÉ interview

WATCH: Claire Byrne humiliates 'clueless' Nigel Farage during heated RTÉ interview

NIGEL FARAGE was left red-faced during an interview on Irish TV when RTÉ's Claire Byrne played an awkward video of the former Brexit Party leader saying 'Up the 'Ra'.

Mr Farage spoke about Irish nationalism and the prospect of Ireland leaving the European Union, just as the UK has done.

He asked Claire why Ireland spent centuries fighting the English for independence, only to allow themselves to be "governed by European Commissioners".

"Why don't you ask yourselves in Dublin the question - why did you fight the British? Why did Irish nationalists fight the British for 500 years?" Farage said.

"500, often very bloody, difficult years until the 1920s - what was the point of it if you're [now] governed by European Commissioners?

"That’s a debate and it may be too inconvenient for all of you in Dublin, oh I'm sure, yes of course."

Claire then interjected, telling Farage that the Irish people would be "entertained" to watch a a short clip, demonstrating "just how much you know about the history and culture on this island".

Producers then ran a now infamous video of the former UKIP leader recording a video birthday message - written by the person who commissioned the message - in which he says "up the 'Ra!" at the end.

Farage has previously apologised for the message, claiming that he didn't know the meaning of the phrase when he said it - a claim that wasn't lost on Ms Byrne or any RTÉ viewers who had spent the last few minutes listening to Mr Farage lecture them about Irish history.

"Up the RA, Nigel? I mean I know you said sorry, I know that you get 87 quid, that’s entirely within your rights to do that," Claire said.

"But come on! Don’t try to lecture the Irish people about the culture and history and precarious nature of peace on this island. You haven’t got a clue."