WATCH: Colin Farrell breaks down in tears while talking about homelessness

WATCH: Colin Farrell breaks down in tears while talking about homelessness

IRISH actor Colin Farrell was visibly overwhelmed while speaking about homelessness during a recent appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The Dublin-born Hollywood star spoke about the impact of Covid-19 and how tough the pandemic had been for everyone, particularly for those without a home.

Farrell said the homelessness problem in Hollywood was "disgraceful" and while he acknowledged he lives a very secure life and hasn't done anything to help, he said he hopes he can change that.

"What a tragic and difficult year of social unrest and essential things happening that have needed to happen and ugliness that we've seen and, you know, the homelessness here," Farrell said as he struggled to finish his sentence.

"It's pretty tough to see, and hey, I'm tearing up here like an a**hole, excuse me, but it's pretty tough to see, I don't get it.

"Am I doing anything about it right now? No, but I'd like to think about doing something about it.

"But I don't understand how so many people can be on the street. I say that knowing full well how fortunate I am, and I live in a nice house and have a very safe existence."

Farrell said he hadn't been home to Ireland since the pandemic began but insisted that he missed the place and revealed that he's "going back soon."

The Phone Booth star was promoting his latest work, a gritty TV drama set in the Arctic called The North Water.

Farrell plays Henry Drax, a harpooner and brutish killer whose amorality has been shaped to fit the harshness of his world.

"He's a bad man. There's a darkness at the heart of this fella that is the colour of night," Farrell said of Drax.

"He has no compunction, no apology, a terrifying individual, but fun to play!"

The North Water will air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer this autumn.