WATCH: Dublin residents team up to perform iconic 90s dance routine from Derry Girls

WATCH: Dublin residents team up to perform iconic 90s dance routine from Derry Girls

A THRONG of local Dublin residents blew away the cobwebs this past Saturday night with a massive group performance of an iconic 90s dance routine. 

Residents from across Ringsend came together to shake off the lockdown blues by performing the dance best known for accompanying the Whigfield hit Saturday Night, back in the 1990s. 

It’s a song that has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts back in Ireland, thanks to its memorable appearance on an episode of the hit sitcom Derry Girls. 

With everyone required to remain at home, Saturday nights have become as ordinary as every other night of the week for people across Ireland. 

But the people living in flats across Ringsend were determined to make this past Saturday, April 25, one to remember. 

In a performance that must have required some effort to organises, hundreds of neighbours descended on the car parks and courtyards surrounding their homes. 

Extra care was taken too, to ensure everyone kept the required two-metre distance from one another. 

The resulting dance was captured on camera and subsequently posted to social media, where it has enjoyed quite a response. 

With the dulcet tones of Denmark songstress Whigfield blaring out across the greater Ringsend area, residents and neighbours young and old can be seen getting involved in proceedings. 

It’s yet another example of the humour and community spirit people across Ireland have shown during these testing times – and it clear stuck a positive note with those watching at home. 

“Great community spirit, well done,” one person wrote alongside the clip. 

That's what it's all about,” another said. 

“Hopefully the kids look back on the lockdown with some sort of fondness, and not see the bigger shit show picture of the corona scourge.” 

There were some who took umbrage with their antics though. 

“It's foolish to think that 2 meters is the exact distance that will keep people safe,” one critic said. 

“The mindset should be stay as far away from people as possible.” 

“Not to be ‘that guy’ but I’m not sure this counts as social distancing,” another added. 


Some were quick to point out that each person’s spot had been marked out in chalk to ensure they kept away from each other. 

Others leapt to the defence of their actions. 

“These people are one community and have probably not left the compound of these flats in weeks and yet they are still making an attempt to socially distance,” one said. 

“Great community spirit.” 

Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the Derry Girls gang either with star Nicola Coughlan among those to share the video. 

Whatever your stance on social distancing, you have to admire their efforts.