WATCH: Irish students graduating in lockdown sing heartfelt cover of 'Time to Say Goodbye'

WATCH: Irish students graduating in lockdown sing heartfelt cover of 'Time to Say Goodbye'

GRADUATING SECONDARY school is one of the happiest times in almost everyone's life.

Sure, it's bittersweet-- you're free from the rules and politics of school life, homework is in the past and you never have to ask for permission to use the toilet again-- but it's always tough to say goodbye to the friends and teachers you've grown to love over the past five years.

It's the first big step towards the rest of your life, and the graduation ceremony and traditions that come with it-- the mass, the speeches and seeing your teachers in the pub afterwards-- are moments you won't forget for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, for the class of 2020 things are a lot different this year.

School ended out of nowhere, with no warning, no chance to say goodbye and with uncertainty surrounding both exams and college.


But one secondary school class in Ballina, Co Mayo, were determined to make the best of it and mark their graduation day in a unique way, by holding a virtual ceremony and singing a heartfelt rendition of Time To Say Goodbye.

The St Mary's Secondary School students performed the song as part of their "very moving and emotional" online graduation ceremony which was streamed to parents and students of the graduating class, and it's safe to say they did a fantastic job.

Posting the video on Facebook, a member of staff wished the students luck, thanked the sound engineer James Hackett for editing the video together, and paid tribute to "our brave, strong and wonderful class of 2020".

"We are so proud of you all. God bless you until we meet again."

Check out the video below-- and prepare to shed a tear.

Congratulations, St Mary's class of 2020!