WATCH: Irish trad session breaks out in park in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

WATCH: Irish trad session breaks out in park in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

THE LOVE of traditional Irish music is wide-ranging, passed from generation to generation, and can be found worldwide.

But while places like America, the United Kingdom and Australia tend to be the best-known for their thriving Irish communities, sprinkes of Irish culture can be found literally everywhere in the world.

They celebrate St Patrick's Day in Malta, GAA Clubs can be found everywhere from Dubai to Beijing, and you could be anywhere in the world when you'll hear the surprising strains of an Irish fiddle-- which is exactly what happened with this Irish Embassy worker in Japan.

The Irish Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, took to Twitter this morning to share a video of a group of talented young Japanese people in Yoyogi Park belting out some Irish trad tunes.

"On lunchtime stroll in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, this you would come across," the caption alognside the video reads.

"Wonderful ties between Japan and Irish traditional music."

The writer finishes the caption with "Tá Lá Fhéile Pádraig ag teacht"-- St Patrick's Day is coming.

It seems this is far from a rare ocurrence, as one person responded to the video with a photograph of their own-- a Japanese busker advertising an Irish music set for the Modern Irish Project.

An estimated 70 million people in the world proudly claim to be of Irish ancestry-- eclipsing the 6.6 million people who live on the island of Ireland.