Watch: Ryan Tubridy’s powerful tribute to the Irish victims of COVID-19 on The Late Late Show

Watch: Ryan Tubridy’s powerful tribute to the Irish victims of COVID-19 on The Late Late Show

THE LATE Late Show paid tribute to victims of COVID-19 from across Ireland as part of a powerful segment led by host Ryan Tubridy. 

Friday night’s edition of the long-running chat show struck a chord with millions across Ireland with Health Minister Simon Harris among those to praise the show’s handling of the topic. 

It saw Tubridy speak candidly not only about the frustrations being felt by many stuck at home but also the pain and grief being felt by those who have lost family and loved ones to this disease. 

“I know this has been a very hard week for lots of you watching tonight,” The Late Late Show host said. 

“That initial rush of crisis and adrenaline has worn off by now and likely given way to, I think, and I’ve seen it about the place, a little bit of frustration, tiredness, maybe a certain amount of impatience.” 

“Perhaps the kids are getting under each other’s feet. You’re tired of being cocooned or you’re upset by the grim economic forecast, that has you worried. 

“Let me tell you, I had four conversations yesterday, private phone calls, which have banished any niggles, any negativity, any fear that was creeping into my head. 

“Four phone calls which have strengthened my personal resolve to get through this as best as I can. 

“Four families who are struggling, not with mere frustration, or boredom, or impatience, but with raw, unquenchable grief, because four of their loved ones fell victim to coronavirus and lost that fight. 

“Those four victims, who were treasured Late Late Show viewers, who should be tuned in tonight, should be watching, but are now no longer with us. 

“That is the cold, hard, cruel reality of coronavirus and while we’re hit daily with a barrage of numbers and statistics, we cannot and we must not ever forget that behind each number is a real person. 

“A real person that lived their best life right until the end and they made their mark on this world and they mattered.” 

What followed was an emotional tribute to just four victims of the virus with Tubridy revealing so much about just a handful of the lives and families behind these sobering daily figures. 

It was an address that struck a chord with millions watching at home and, later, online with Tubridy’s address uploaded to The Late Late Show’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

The praise was led by Ireland’s minister for health who described it as “incredibly moving and impactful. 

“We cannot forget behind every number is a person -a loved person -a real person -& their family and friends,” Mr Harris said on Twitter. 

“May they rest in peace. We must mind each other.” 

Tubridy’s tribute can be watched, in full, via the video above.