Watch! Schoolboy's 'frosbit' interview goes viral

Watch! Schoolboy's 'frosbit' interview goes viral

A UTV TELEVISION interview about the biting weather conditions in Co Derry has made an internet star of Northern Irish schoolboy Ruairi McSorley.

The short news clip with McSorley, an 18-year-old student from Sperrins, on his icy journey to school went viral after it was broadcast last week.

Since then, UTV reports that the clip has been watched over 8 million times worldwide.

When reporter Gareth Wilkinson stopped McSorley on his wintry walk to school to ask about the getting around in the freezing conditions, McSorley uttered the phrase "Oh god you wouldn't be long getting frostbit".

Not long after, #frostbit was  trending on Twitter and making the news in Norway.

The Londonderry school boy, who is his studying his A levels, told UTV that the attention was " mad craic altogether", adding that he would like his own television show.

As well as his own impressive accent, McSorley is something of an impressionist, and has posted videos of himself on YouTube doing impressions of Mrs Brown, Frank Mitchell and Daniel O'Donnell.