Why chef Simon is a tasty Irish dish

Why chef Simon is a tasty Irish dish



A London-based chef is getting pulses racing in the search for Ireland’s hottest bachelor. Simon Lamont is in the running for the top spot in Stellar magazine’s most eligible Irish men poll. And if you want to vote for him do it now — voting closes at midnight on Wednesday, October 10.


The restaurant manager is one of 20 young, available men who have made the finals shortlist in the inaugural competition which the Irish glossy launched to end the woes of their female readers, who claim there’s “no decent single Irish men left”. We caught up with 30-year-old Simon to talk assets, turn-offs and aspirations as he made one final push to grab as many votes as possible.


“My best asset is my hands,” he said. “Perfect for kneading bread, tinkling piano keys and giving back massages.” And offering his tips for all the single ladies, he said: “The three things I look for in a girl are she needs to be a good laugh, cute as hell and spontaneous like me. My biggest turn-on is eyes. If she has sexy eyes, then I’m hypnotised. My dream date would be something dangerous. Maybe cagediving with sharks or jumping out of a plane together.” And who wouldn’t want to get to know the young culinary whiz, who has a penchant for all things chocolatey. “My signature dish is my molten chocolate gateau,” he said. “Spiked with booze, runny in the middle, served with fresh raspberries and home-made vanilla ice-cream. Boom.”


And he’s not afraid to embrace his emotions: “The last time I cried was recently when one of our regular guests tried to steal some silverware from my restaurant,” he said. “When I questioned her, she told me she was on her way to have an operation on a terminal brain tumour. This was her ‘last supper’ and she wanted a memento.” If that doesn’t hook you, maybe the determined chef’s aspirations will — in 10 years he hopes to own not one or two but ‘a few’ restaurants of his own and have penned his first novel.


And there is plenty more... “My hidden talent is my ripped sixpack,” he said. “The worst thing I’ve ever done was kiss someone I work with. I’ve done it three times actually — you’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now,” he joked. “And I love Koka Noodles.”


You’re most likely to find the bachelor in his place of work, the Oyster & Champagne bar in Borough Market, London and if you do find him you might want to avoid wearing wool, keep your elbows off the table and your ex-boyfriends out of the conversation. “The worst thing a girl could do on a first date is go on about her exboyfriend or dad issues or workmate she actually has a crush on,” Simon said. “Also, my pet peeves are cotton wool — I can’t touch it — bad table manners and rude customers.”


To vote for Simon in the Stellar magazine competition call 0901 6570 293 and enter BACHELOR 109, or text BACHELOR 109 to 81108. Calls from a BT landline cost 50p each, other networks and mobiles cost more. Texts cost 50p each, network charges vary. Voters must be 18 or over. Lines close at midnight on October 10.