‘Wishing you an explosive Christmas’ – Fury as bizarre snowman mural with rocket launcher appears in Derry

‘Wishing you an explosive Christmas’ – Fury as bizarre snowman mural with rocket launcher appears in Derry

POLICE are investigating after a mural of a snowman with a bazooka wishing people an ‘explosive Christmas’ appeared on a building in Northern Ireland.

The violent image was painted on a window of Junior McDaid House in Derry City – the headquarters of the republican party Saoradh, and the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association.

The bizarre mural featured the statement, ‘Wishing you an explosive Christmas’ and has prompted outrage from one DUP MP, who branded the image “obscene”.

“Most people look on Christmas as a family time and republicans are equating it with terrorism,” said Gregory Campbell MP.

“An image of a snowman with a rocket launcher to mark the season of peace and goodwill borders on the obscene.


“Terrorism has already caused enough heartache in Northern Ireland without these people compounding the hurt.”

Taking to Facebook on Thursday, a spokesperson for Junior McDaid House described the painting as “tongue in cheek” and criticised those denouncing it.

“It would seem our very own Mr Frosty has created a few chills in certain quarters,” they said.

“While Junior McDaid House receive a blanket of censorship when it comes to any serious political and community press releases, a tongue in cheek painting of a snowman finds people from all quarters climbing over themselves for a statement.

“Well done Mr Frosty.”

Derry, referred to by unionists as Londonderry, saw some of the fiercest violence of the Troubles era in Northern Ireland during the 1970s.


The city features dozens of political murals on its walls – such as the famous “You are now entering free Derry” artwork on Free Derry Corner.

The PSNI said they have been made aware of the city’s latest addition and are investigating.

Superintendent Gordon McCalmont said: “The Police Service of Northern Ireland recognise the hurt and offence caused by this window display.

“We are currently investigating and assessing the matter.”