Woman caught 'urinating on potatoes' in Walmart by CCTV

Woman caught 'urinating on potatoes' in Walmart by CCTV

A BIZARRE moment occurred in a Pennsylvania Walmart after a woman was captured on CCTV urinating on potatoes.

Police released photos taken from the surveillance footage and published them on Twitter, which forced a woman to come forward.

20-year-old Grace Brown turned herself in on Tuesday after the social media exposé, and is now facing multiple charges including open lewdness, criminal mischief and public drunkenness.

West Mifflin Borough Police Department have said that the situation has been investigated in full, but have not released details of precisely when or why the incident occurred.

It comes just a couple of weeks after videos were posted online showing people licking tubs of ice cream and then putting them back in Walmart freezers in Louisiana and Texas.

A Walmart representative has stated that an employee saw what Brown was doing and walked over straight away to stop her.

In a statement, the company stressed that the safety of their customers was a top priority, and that after the urine was found they had disposed of the entire batch of potatoes immediately and sanitised the area.