Is this the world's cheesiest cheeseburger?

Is this the world's cheesiest cheeseburger?

Do you love cheese?

Do you love cheese enough to consider a cheeseburger where the bun has been replaced with two slabs of Camembert an ingenious upgrade?

If the answer is yes, then you need to head over to a branch of Dom Dom Burger in Japan.

For a limited time, the country's top fast-food hamburger chain is stocking a limited-edition cheeseburger with a difference.

It features two beef patties, a tomato, onions and the standard slice of yellow cheese.


All of which is sandwiched in between two giant bits of Camembert cheese in lieu of buns.

Two super-thick slices to be precise.

It's available as a meal deal with a soft drink and fries, though there might not be any room for sides given the cheesy, calorific content of the burger itself.

The limited-edition Dom Dom Burger is reasonably priced though at 980 yen (€7.60) per burger.

Available until August 31st, the Camembert Burger is not to be missed.


Unless that is, you care about your arteries.