18 heartwarming stories from Ireland in the snow
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18 heartwarming stories from Ireland in the snow

THE combination of Storm Emma and the Beast from the East left Ireland feeling the chill during a snow-filled week of difficult conditions, but plenty of heartwarming stories have emerged since.

Far away from the clamour for bread, milk and other essential supplies, people from across Ireland have been busy getting on with things and creating some magical memories in the process.

Here are just a few of the fantastic stories guaranteed to warm the heart during this coldest of cold snaps.

Hospital staff helped this little girl experience snow for the first time...

...while this grandson ensured his nana didn't miss out.

Ireland's 'mammys' weren't to be outdone either.

The snow created a sense of community, whether through helping one another...

...or simply enjoying a good old fashioned snowball fight.

The Garda played their part...

...while  hospital staff took care to a whole new level.

Those who braved the snowy conditions found strength in numbers.

While others found new levels of determination.

Animals were rescued from the elements.

And babies were born.

People worked tirelessly to keep the roads as clear.

And they kept smiling despite the difficult conditions.

Everyone played their part, from farmers...

...right through to hotel staff.

It felt like Christmas had come early for some.

And a few Limerick residents had never even seen snow before.

But it was this grinning granny who became the defining image of Storm Emma in Ireland.

It'll take more than a bit of snow to dampen the Irish spirit!