Derry v Dublin: Allianz Football League Divison 2 final preview

Derry v Dublin: Allianz Football League Divison 2 final preview

This weekend, Derry and Dublin are set to face each other in the final of Division 2 of the Allianz Football League.

Both teams have secured promotion to the top flight, with Dublin having recently defeated Louth at Croke Park. They return to Division 1 after being relegated last year.

Derry, on the other hand, had already secured promotion prior to last weekend's fixtures and will return to the top flight for the first time since 2015.

Here's a full preview of the game this Sunday.

Dublin , Ireland - 10 April 2022; Lidl signage before the Lidl Ladies Football National League Division 2 Final between Armagh and Kerry at Croke Park in Dublin. (Photo By Brendan Moran/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

When is it on?

Sunday, April 2

What time is it on?


Where is it on?

Croke Park

What TV station is it on?


What time does TV coverage start?



Liam Devenney

Can I stream the game? 

Yes here

Can I listen to it on the radio?

Yes here

Can I get tickets for the game

Tickets can be found here

What are the odds for the game

Odds can be found here

How many times have they met in the League

What happened the last time the sides met in the Championship

5 times

What happened the last time sides met in the League

2007: Dublin 0-18 0-15 Derry

Results in the League this year


Round 1:  Dublin 1-11 0-13 Kildare

Round 2: Dublin 0-28 2-19 Antrim

Round 3: Limerick 1-11 2-17 Dublin

Round 4: Cork 2-10 0-18 Dublin

Round 5: Dublin 0-16 1-12 Clare

Round 6 Meath 1-11  – 2-19 Dublin

Round 7:Dublin 0-16 – 1-06 Louth


Round 1 Derry 0-16 to 0-4 Limerick

Round 2:  Louth 1-11 2-11 Derry

Round 3: Derry 2-15 1-7 Meath

Round 4:Derry 0-19 Kildare 2-23

Round 5:Kildare 0-7 2-15 Derry

Round 6: Derry 0-14  0-04 Clare

Round 7: Cork 1-14 –  1-14 Derry

Teams for the game

Teams will be announced closer at a later date