Dublin Camogie are set to get tough on people who abuse match officials, clubs and fans could be banned as a result

Dublin Camogie are set to get tough on people who abuse match officials, clubs and fans could be banned as a result

A LETTER has been issued by Dublin Camogie bosses to clubs regarding abuse of match officials. 

The letter seen by members of the media in Ireland said that the Dublin Camogie had to act after being made aware of the abuse on the side-lines of games.  

Indivduals and clubs face the threat of being removed from compitions as a result of abuse

The statement that can be read on RTE Sports said: " After the weekend’s fixtures, we feel we have no option but to write to all clubs in relation to behaviour towards referees" 

“Within the last few weeks, we have received verbal reports and have heard for ourselves at games we attended horrendous verbal shouts and abuse towards referees. 

“Examples of this are adults on the side-line verbally abusing juvenile players on the pitch, spectators using personal slander against a referee, and spectators using foul language towards a referee while there are children in attendance. 

“As a committee we can no longer tolerate this. We are urging all adults in attendance at any future fixtures to stop this kind of behaviour because if we tolerate it, it becomes acceptable. We all have a responsibility to ensure a safe environment for our players and officials to do their jobs. 

The letter has been signed by chairman Karl O'Brien, Brendan Cooper of the fixtures committee and Jenny Byrne, referee co-ordinator. 

Added content in the letter reads: "Rule 44.1.2 states that adults attending games must take responsibility, if they don't it could be punishable by an automatic two-match ban, fines starting at €200 and "should the Transfers, Hearings and Disciplinary Sub-Committee adjudge the offence sufficiently serious, it may disqualify the offender's team from the competition in question". 

This comes weeks after abuse of a number of officials and players in the men's format. 

Earlier this year a referee was assaulted in a Roscommon minor game. He was sent to hospital but was later discharged. The man was given a 96-week suspension for his role in the assault. 

After this a man in Wexford assaulted another referee at another minor game between St Joseph's and Our Lady's Island in Wexford  

St Joseph's, the club claimed that a meeting of the executive committee took place that month, where the outcome was an 'indefinite ban' for the alleged attacker.