McIlroy-'No reason why I shouldn't have a good chance'

McIlroy-'No reason why I shouldn't have a good chance'

SEEKING to become only the sixth player ever to complete a Grand Slam of Major titles Rory McIlroy believes he can cope at any course now.

Twenty five year old McIlroy is hopeful of making a serious US Masters challenge at Augusta this week.  “I think I’ve developed a game where I can compete at pretty much any course now,” McIlroy admitted.

“That might not have been the case two or three years ago.  If you’re looking at courses, Augusta National, is the one that should set up best for me just with my ball flight and being comfortable off the tee here, especially being able to turn the ball over from right-to-left and all that.

“If I can play the way I know I can around here, just have a good week on the greens, then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have a good chance.”

McIlroy isn’t too bothered about all the Grand Slam talk swirling around him. “It doesn’t feel any different. I think it’s the anticipation factor, the hype, everything else.

“It feels the same because it’s always exciting to get here...and the one thing I’ve learned was, as much as this golf course is I feel a second-shot golf course, it made me a little tentative over iron shots the first couple of years.

“I had to learn to try and be a little more aggressive. I felt the first couple of years I was thinking more about where not to hit it instead of where to hit it.

"I think it's probably only the first tee shot of a tournament these days that I still get nervous at.  You get nervous and your heart races a little bit.

"When I'm here at Augusta National, it's all business but once I get back to the house we have rented, I just completely switch off. I've got family and friends over.”