New offside rule to be in place for 2022 World Cup, Wenger says

New offside rule to be in place for 2022 World Cup, Wenger says

THIS COULD make football a very different game.

Football has overseen some massive changes over the past few years. The introduction of goal-line technology and VAR have changed the game forever, with differing results.

Goal-line technology has been almost unanimously accepted as having made a positive impact on the sport, while VAR has probably done the opposite.

And more changes are seemingly on the way.

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that a new offside rule could well be in place for the 2022 World Cup.

The new rule would see the use of 'automated' offside technology, which directly informs a referee's assistant if an incident is offside.

"The automated offside I think will be ready for 2022," Wenger, FIFA's head of football development, told The Times of London.

"I'm pushing very hard to have the automated offsides, which means straight away the signal goes to the linesman.

"On average, the time we have to wait is around 70 seconds, sometimes 1 minute and 20 seconds... It is so important because we see many celebrations are cancelled after that for marginal situations."

The Premier League has received criticism this season and last season for the way in which offsides are called, and the length of time it can take for a decision to be made by the officials and the VAR.

Could Wenger's plan be the solution?