Patrick Bamford hits the nail on the head when asked about Super League

Patrick Bamford hits the nail on the head when asked about Super League

VERY STRONG stuff from the Leeds striker.

The fallout from the Super League news that broke over the weekend is continuing to develop.

Everyone from members of Government to Irish footballing legends have weighed in on the subject, but it's Patrick Bamford who has hit the nail on the head.

Bamford, who represented Ireland at youth team level, was asked for his thoughts on the Super League after a 1-1 draw with Liverpool on Monday night.

He said that he can't believe what is happening, and that he hasn't seen one football fan who is happy about the decision, and that football is "ultimately for the fans."

He also pointed out that the outrage over a potential Super League is largely due to the fact that money is at the root of the issue.

He said: "It's amazing the amount of uproar that comes into the game when somebody's pockets are being hurt. It's a shame it's not like that with racism."

Before the game, the Leeds players wore t-shirts with the words 'Earn It' printed on the front, and 'Football Is For The Fans' on the back. The Champions League logo was also printed on the t-shirts.

Bamford is regularly linked with the Irish international side, and he is yet to be capped by England at international level. The 27-year-old has previously said: "My mum's side is Irish and my dad's side is English so it was a tough decision for me. Being English, it was always my dream to play for England, but I'm not going to rule out either option."