Rodgers believes Celtic would be a top-six Premiership club

Rodgers believes Celtic would be a top-six Premiership club

Brendan Rodgers has his say on the age-old question, "Where would the Scottish clubs finish in the Premier League?" and said that Celtic would be among the best if it happened.

For years, there has been a conversation about Celtic and Rangers joining the English Premiership, with some saying they would struggle, while others have said they'd thrive because of their fanbase and the money involved.

It is likely never to happen, as having Scotland's two biggest clubs leave their league would have detrimental effects on the rest of Scotland's top league and clubs.

Celtic have struggled in the Champions League for years, but next year the format of the greatest club competition in the world will change.

The new Champions League format guarantees that Celtic will have two additional matches. The extra funds could have a massive effect on Celtic going forward.

Rodgers, speaking about the new format, said, "That's why the league was so important for us this year," he said to Talksport

"Especially with the new format, which is financially more rewarding, it's the best opportunity the club can get to make substantial funds.

"And, clearly, from a football perspective, it's brilliant to go and test yourselves at that level."

Celtic were the first British team to win the European Cup back in the '60s and have a rich history in football. Rodgers was then asked about a historic club like Celtic hypothetically playing in the Premier League.

He added that Celtic would finish among the top six because of the history, the money, and how special the club is.

He added: "Celtic and Rangers, and I can only talk from a Celtic perspective, are absolutely massive. If Celtic were in the Premier League, it would be up there and, at a minimum, in that top six bracket.

"You would need a 100,000-seat stadium. It is absolutely incredible; wherever you go in the world, you will meet Celtic supporters.

"The fanbase, the history of the club—that's what makes it a truly special club."

Celtic play Rangers in the Scottish Cup final tomorrow. That game kicks off at 3 pm.