The IABA have said they are 'acutely aware of the need for reform' after the government's recommendations

The IABA have said they are 'acutely aware of the need for reform' after the government's recommendations

THE IRISH Athletic Boxing Association have claimed that they know that reform is needed of the organisation after they were threatened with sanctions yesterday.  

Yesterday Minister of State for Sport Jack Chambers said that sanctions will come, and funding will dry up if they don't accept the host of changes put forward by the Irish government. 

A recently commissioned independent report has suggested adopting a new structure within IABA, with 12-member Board of Directors to oversee its running, half of which would be independent. The report is to be put before the IABA's EGM in June. 

"What is happening now is we’re discussing individuals who have a malicious intent within the organisation trying to undermine the likes of Bernard Dunne and Billy Walsh in the past, Chambers said.  

"They need to be isolated and removed from the core running of boxing. It is undermining the athletes, degrading the grassroots and could lead to losing future potential. 

"I am determined as minister to show there will be full consequences if they do no implement the recommendations and that’s the minimum from me." 


Responding to the Chambers, a statement, read: "The IABA is acutely aware of the need for reform in the volunteer structures of the association. 

"The Minister's comments today will serve to focus minds on the gravity of the choice facing Irish boxing – to evolve into an association with the highest standards of governance, or to reject reform and face damaging constraints on our sport." 

They also added: "IABA's ability to implement the required reforms is contingent upon a democratic ballot of boxing clubs and their members. 

"IABA is already aware of staunch opposition among some long-standing volunteer members to the primary recommendations proposed in the review." 

"The IABA hopes that the minister’s comments today on the immediacy and severity of financial sanctions will give those members pause and motivate them to think on what is in the best interests of the sport they love." 

They ended the statement with: "If the recommendations are adopted by members at the EGM, the IABA will be engage, fully, with all monitoring and change management structures applied by Sport Ireland. 

IABA also commits to publishing an implementation plan within the timescale outlined by the Minister.”