The Irish Government have asked the IABA to reform or face sactions.

The Irish Government have asked the IABA to reform or face sactions.

THE IABA HAVE been asked to reform or face 'immediate and severe financial sanctions by the Irish Government. 

Minister for Sport Jack Chambers has issued a timeline for the orginstation to review it's current framework and structures after the Ireland's high performance director Bernard Dunne handed in his resignation.

Dunne was the subject of a unsigned detailed SWOT analysis by two members of the IABA without his consent.

The two volunteers were critical of his performance prior to the Tokyo Games and this was circulated at board level, a complaint from Dunne followed.

He stepped down from his role this month and became the 3rd HP to step down from his role after Billy Walsh left to join Team USA in 2016.

A new commissioned independent report has advised that the IABA should include a new 12-member Board of Directors to oversee all aspects of Irish boxing

The report also states that half of the 12 would be independent.

Chambers spoke to Claire Byrne on her show Today with Claire Byrne said the upcoming EGM in June is the opportunity for delegates within the IABA to bring in recommendations of the report, which total 64 in total, or face being cut off from state funding.

Chambers also believes the new framework would give more power to people like Dunne and would stop board members from meddling in affairs

"We can't and will not be funding behavior like this and governance disfunction, he said

I want to see boxing fully embrace and support the recommendations in the review.

"They will have to produce an implementation plan within three months at the latest.

He also described the SWOT document as "a disgrace".

"The anonymous and malicious document right before the Olympics undermining Bernard Dunne and the High Performance Unit was frankly a disgrace.

(Those who wrote it and circulated it) need to be isolated and removed from running boxing.

"We have a high performance strategy which we have approved as a government which puts directors and units at the heart of every sporting organization. That applies to boxing.

"I absolutely share the concerns of Billy Walsh and Bernard Dunne and that is why I am saying as a bottom line there will have to be a full implementation of the recommendations as outlined."

Minister Chambers also said he would love to see Dunne return under the new guidelines, but work needs to be done for that to happen.

"I would love to see Bernard Dunne return. If IABA is serious after their EGM about implementing the recommendations, I would love to see the door open for Bernard Dunne to return.

"But IABA needs to be serious about implementing them.

The politician also claimed that Sport Ireland will enforcing these news rules and reforms on a constant basis

]"We cannot have individuals on a board or council deciding who is being selected on a particular team.

"Bringing in 12 directors with half of them independent on the board, you'll see very significant change happening if the recommendations are implemented.

"Boxing and members of boxing have a clear choice if they want to embrace reform. If they don't embrace it in the timelines outlined, it will have an impact on their core funding as an organisation including for capital and equipment.

"What is happening now if we're discussing individuals who have a malicious intent within the organization trying to undermine the likes of Bernard Dunne and Billy Walsh in the past.

"They need to be isolated and removed from the core running of boxing. It’s undermining the athletes, degrading the grassroots and could lead to losing future potential.

"I am determined as minister to show there will be full consequences if they don't implement the recommendations and that’s the minimum from me."