Three new significant rule changes to GAA games could be introduced very soon

Three new significant rule changes to GAA games could be introduced very soon

It has been reported by the Irish Examiner that the GAA could be looking to bring in three new rules for GAA games. A football review committee headed by Jim Gavin was formed a number of months ago, and that group is now considering a number of possible rule changes.

Sports, especially football, have seen a number of recommendations and rule changes over the years. One notable introduction is the "mark," which has been met with much criticism. The "mark" is when a player catches the ball cleanly from a kick-out without it touching the ground, on or past the 45-metre line nearest the kick-out point. He shall be awarded a "mark" by the referee.

Another rule that has been suggested is a new kick-out and free-kick rule to prevent boring games. This is currently being tested on a trial basis at the freshman level.

This week, it has been suggested that three new changes to football could occur. One is the change of the scoring system. Currently, it's one point if you land the ball over the bar and three if you score a goal. The new rule would look to reward teams with an extra two points per successful strike for long-range scores.

Paul Mannion, the Dublin star, admitted recently that he was a fan of the scoring proposal.

“I think you could leave the game exactly as it is right now and just change the reward for scores, and I think that would have an amazing impact on the game,” he told Off the Ball.

“If it was like four or five points for a goal and two or three points for a score from outside the 45-metre line, or change the 45 to 40,.

"Fans would love to see it. That will open up a whole new world in tactics then because you can’t sit back, the whole lot, and allow a team to kick for two or three points from 40 yards, so you have to push out.

“Something like that without changing anything else would actually open up a whole new dimension and dynamic to the game and force teams to really think about it because now the risk-reward system feels broken, not the game itself.”

The second rule would require that three players from both teams remain in each half at all times. The third proposal is the introduction of the clock/hooter to end all games. This is seen as a way to ensure that teams don't camp in their own half and that teams don't try to kill the game with possession.

Let's see what happens.