Tyson Fury buys £4,000 caravan to celebrate heavyweight title success

Tyson Fury buys £4,000 caravan to celebrate heavyweight title success

TYSON Fury has celebrated his remarkable rise to heavyweight champion of the world by purchasing a second-hand caravan worth £4,000.

The Manchester-based 27-year-old, who represented Ireland as an amateur, dethroned the seemingly unbeatable Wladimir Klitschko in Germany on Saturday night, bringing the Ukrainian’s 11-year unbeaten spell to an end.

In the process, Fury inherited Klitschko’s array of belts – including the prestigious WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles – in what will have been the most lucrative night’s work of his career.

Having been born into an Irish travellers’ family, Fury remains loyal to his roots, and revealed his plans to purchase a vintage caravan as an alternative to his £500,000 mansion in Morecambe to renowned boxing journalist Gareth Davies.

He is the first member of the travelling community to become heavyweight champion of the world.

After the fight, Fury said: “I always said that winning the heavyweight championship of the world wouldn’t change me, that earning some money or being in the limelight wouldn’t change me. It won’t.

“It is an honour for me to have beaten this man, to be sitting here with all these belts, to have joined the list of British world champions, to become the first heavyweight champion of Irish heritage, to be the first traveller to win this title.”