Waterford FC have condemned the “idiots” who sent abusive messages to former striker Louis Britton during the week

Waterford FC have condemned the “idiots” who sent abusive messages to former striker Louis Britton during the week

WATERFORD FC have condemned 'the idiots' that sent abuse to Cork City player Louise Britton during the week. 

Britton played in the 0-0 draw at Turners cross during the week and subjected to a range of abuse online by supporters. 

The Englishman made the move to Cork from Waterford in the summer after scoring 10 league goals in 18 appearances for the Blues on loan.  

Briton posted the messages on his social media account. Some of the messages posted alluded to him doing his ACL, having his mother's throat slit, and other types of abuse in voice messages.  

The caption read, "Got maybe 3-400 of these messages last night. I understand you support a team but have some respect and stop act tough online

One of the voice messages from a young man said “Fuck you, Louis Britton. If you see this message, you dirty bastard treating Waterford like that… Next time you come to Waterford, you’re getting your head smacked in. I hope your mother kills herself and you slit her throat you dirty bastard.” 

Another written message added: “I hope you suffer a career-ending injury you British bastard.” 

Waterford FC released a statement on Wednesday via their social media account to condemn the abuse thrown at their former player.

“Everyone involved with Waterford FC wants to clearly state that we are totally disgusted by the recent online remarks made to our former player Louis Britton,” the statement started. “We condemn online abuse in all its forms. 

These ignorant and insensitive remarks were unfortunately written by idiots who have no understanding of our great game. There should be no place in any sport for these so-called ‘keyboard warriors’ whose vile comments only underpin their small minds. 

“Football by its nature is a very transient employment and players leave clubs on a regular basis for various reasons, and while fans may not like to see their favourites leave, they can understand the reasons. 

“Louis was a valuable member of our squad during his short time here and both he and his family were warmly embraced by the true fans of Waterford FC as are all of our current, multicultural playing staff. 

An allegation was also made that some of the comments sent to Louis came from a current Waterford FC academy player. This allegation has been examined in detail, and we are happy to confirm that this allegation has been proven to be totally untrue. 

“We wish the very best regards to Louis in his future career and trust that he will not allow the ramblings of some idiots cloud his opinion of our club and Waterford in general.”