A hotel fit for a king — the Adria in South Kensington

A hotel fit for a king — the Adria in South Kensington

If you’re wanting to celebrate the coronation of King Charles, or perhaps just fancy soaking up the history and culture of one of the great cities of the world, the Adria in South Kensington is just the place says MAL ROGERS

“London is set to come alive during the King’s coronation and our perfect location within London’s royal borough sets us in the prime position to welcome domestic and international guests to celebrate this exciting and momentous occasion.”

Those are the words of Dublin man Gary Redmond, manager of the Adria hotel in South Kensington, London. He’s been at the Adria for five years now, so knows the area intimately. He’s friendly, helpful, efficient; like everyone on his staff.

Gary Redmond, manager of the Adria

The hotel is perfectly situated within the royal borough, making it an ideal location to celebrate King Charles’ coronation. As the Percy French song the Mountains of Mourne says:

“I've seen England's king from the top of a bus

And I've never known him, but he means to know us.

And tho' by the Saxon we once were oppressed,

Still I cheered, God forgive me, I cheered with the rest.

And now that he's visited Erin's green shore

We'll be much better friends than we've been heretofore

When we've got all we want, we're as quiet as can be

Where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.”


King Charles has shown himself to be a staunch friend of Ireland, and evidently enjoys spending time there — he has spoken about his admiration for Ireland and Irish culture many times. He’s even had a bodhrán lesson at the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith.

So, many Irish people will want to celebrate his coronation  — and if you want to splash out and soak in the atmosphere of where it will all happen, no better place than the Adria

The hotel is offering two nights’ accommodation with breakfast and afternoon tea, a guided walk, Harrods picnic hamper, made up by gourmet chefs.

Guests will embark on a guided walking tour of South Kensington to delve into the history and significance of the royal borough — and they’ve had plenty of history in these parts. The tour, led by guides, will take guests on a journey through the streets, showcasing the  architecture and regal landmarks of the area.

The Adria is a short walk from several key London locations: the Royal Albert Hall is literally just round the corner, Hyde Park a ten minute stroll away, and two of the world’s finest museums the Victoria & Albert and the Natural History Museum are basically just at the bottom of the street.

The Adria achieves a remarkable trick: it is exquisitely comfortable, yet painstakingly perfect. The five-star hotel has a members’ club charm, but with added boutique pizazz.  Potted plants in exactly the right place, wonderful coffee table books, a large vase of peonies, some light classical music playing.

Of course, you have to pay for all that location and luxury, so prices are robust at the Adria. But hotels in this area of London are always going to be expensive, so you might as well stay at the best. And the Adria is just that.

It has what the novelist Arnold Bennett described in his 1902 novel The Grand Babylon Hotel as ‘that mysterious quality known as style’. In spades.

Prices from £1,500 inclusive of 2 nights with breakfast and afternoon tea, a Harrods picnic hamper including sweet and savoury treats with a bottle of champagne and a 2 hour guided walking tour.

Package available from April 1 to May 31, 2023

*Harrods picnic hamper and walking tour are subject to availability; packages must be booked a minimum of 1 week in advance of stay date.