Galway and Dublin named top two friendliest cities in all of Europe

Galway and Dublin named top two friendliest cities in all of Europe

IF YOU'VE ever visited these two cities, you'll know this is well deserved...

Galway has been named the friendliest city in Europe-- followed in second place by Ireland's capital, Dublin.

International travel magazine Condé Nast readers voted for the two Irish cities as being the friendliest in Europe, bringing a much-needed boost and sense of pride to Ireland as it re-enters lockdown.

Dublin has been named the second-most friendly city in Europe, behind Galway

The influential magazine, revealing the top 10 friendliest cities in Europe, said "Europe's best cities are often judged on their ancient history, intricate architecture, unrivalled art scenes or amazing restaurants..."

But, "sometimes what makes a place so great are its people"-- and that's where Ireland comes in top.

The top 10 friendliest cities in Europe, according to Condé Nast, are as follows:

  1. Galway, Ireland
  2. Dublin, Ireland
  3. Valletta, Malta
  4. Oporto. Portugal
  5. Lisbon, Portugal
  6. Bologna, Italy
  7. Edinburgh, Scotland
  8. Reykjavik, Iceland
  9. Athens, Greece
  10. Helsinki, Finland

Galway is often recognised as being a fantastic city to visit-- earlier this year, it was named among the top holiday destinations for 2020 in an official Ryanair list.

Aerial image of Galway city (Getty Images)

Of course, 2020 didn't turn out to be a year for travelling in the end, but Galway has previously been named the best destination for 'foodies' by BBC Good Food Magazine,and as one of the very best cities in the world by Lonely Planet.

Notably, Cork did not get a mention in this year's list, despite being named the most friendly city in Ireland-- and the 3rd friendliest in the world--by Condé Nast in 2018.

You can check out the full list on the Condé Nast website here...