In this week...

In this week...

In News

'An outgoing girl who travelled the world. We will miss her terribly' 

The heartbreaking words from the father of murdered 24-year-old student Karen Buckley, as a 21 year old man is charged in Glasgow

General Election Countdown

Meet the Irish faces behind four of the major political parties vying for your vote


Plus: The story of centenarian Mary Frances Stubbs

keithIn Entertainment

You read my mind!

Charismatic entertainer Keith Barry tells us the tricks of his Brain Hacking trade

The way that we climbed

Mountain man Paddy O'Leary talks about his new book and some of his most dangerous climbs


Plus: Caitlin Moran's book tour reviewed









sportIn Sport

Racing's Champ!

Dougie Costello on the amazing AP McCoy

The road to a new Ruislip

GAA President launches facelift of Emerald Grounds


Plus: GAA comment by Christy O'Connor