Over one million people visited Irish whiskey distilleries in 2019

Over one million people visited Irish whiskey distilleries in 2019

LOOKS LIKE the Guinness Storehouse has some competition!

Whiskey distilleries in Ireland broke their own record in 2019 after more than one million people visited businesses across the country for the first time ever.

In a hugeboost for the industry, the number of visitors jumped by 10.5% last year when compared to 2018, with 16% more Irish people visiting the distilleries on their doorstep.

And someone must have let slip the secret while celebrating Oktoberfest somewhere, because Irish whiskey distilleries experienced a whopping 32% more visitors from Germany in 2019 than any other year.

The main market remains people from North America, with American and Canadian tourists making up 34% of visitors-- possibly needing a drink after a long day of finding their roots-- followed by Irish people making up 13% of visits, because what better way to support local businesses than by enjoying some whiskey?

And the extra visits really are helping local businesses and people: the statistics, released by Drinks Ireland and the Irish Whiskey Association, shows that the boost in visitors have allowed distilleries to employ a total of 409 people, up 15% from before.

12% of the more-than one million visitors were from our neighbours in the UK, 10% were from Germany and 7% were from France.

And word of mouth is a powerful thing-- assuming these one million visitors enjoyed their visits, the number can only continue to grow next year.