Leading education recruitment agency placing Irish teachers in British schools looks to Autumn term 2018

Leading education recruitment agency placing Irish teachers in British schools looks to Autumn term 2018

Sponsored by Uniform Education

UNIFORM EDUCATION is one of the leading education recruitment companies in the UK, which specialises in recruiting Irish teachers for British schools.

Based in London, Uniform Education has the confidence born of 50 years’ experience, having placed over 100 Irish teachers into UK schools in the past three years.

Dan Grace, Director and co-founder of Uniform Education, told The Irish Post, "British schools love Irish teachers. They come here with genuine enthusiasm and are willing to learn.”

Dan, 36, who hails from the Emerald Isle himself, added: “We have built strong partnerships with cluster Catholic schools across London and the South East.

"The recruitment process traditionally begins with a Skype interview between the Head Teacher and the candidate, followed by a face-to-face meeting.

"We recognise the importance of making the recruitment process as smooth as possible and so are delighted to announce that Uniform Education will be hosting Head Teachers in Ireland between November 2017 and March 2018.

"An Executive Head Teacher that we have worked with for the past 3 years has already registered to join us and will be holding interviews in Ireland for her cluster group of Catholic schools across London.  We strongly encourage other Head Teachers to join us."

Due to the huge number of teacher vacancies in Britain, which is set to increase in 2018, there is a massive demand for Primary, Secondary and Special Educational Needs Teachers.

A Head Teacher from a Catholic school in London said: “St Mary’s have been strongly supported by Uniform Education. This agency have always provided high calibre teachers for this school. They work hard to ensure the staff are supported in their transition to our school. The partnership between the school and Uniform goes from strength to strength. We are grateful to them for their immediate attention in staffing matters”

Andrew O’Grady, a music teacher from Ireland, who was referred to Uniform by a close friend and fellow teacher, secured his ‘dream job’ at a secondary school in Hertfordshire.

He explained: “Within a few days of Uniform receiving my CV they had secured interviews for me. They went above and beyond to help me.”

Uniform’s Head of Irish recruitment Aileen Rouine, from Co. Limerick, said: “Irish teachers are in high demand here in London – their passion and great work ethic allows them and their students to thrive within the UK school system, offering children an exceptional educational journey.

"I came to the UK as a teacher and understand the challenges that teachers face. I, together with the rest of the Uniform team, ensure that we are on hand to make their transition to the UK as smooth as possible," she added.

Uniform will be holding 10 university presentations across Ireland in the next six months.

Head Teachers should call 020 3794 8988 to discuss your recruitment needs.

Teachers should upload their CV to the company website here.