LITTLE PYG: New head chef for Ireland’s tallest restaurant

LITTLE PYG: New head chef for Ireland’s tallest restaurant

IRELAND’S tallest restaurant-bar, Little Pyg has announced a new co-head chef and an updated menu.

Having opened in 2020, just before Covid hit, the sister venue of the iconic Pygmalion covers the entire centre ground-floor of the historic Powerscourt Townhouse Centre in Dublin 2.

And despite the unexpected period of lockdown it has already made something of a name for itself, not least for its outstanding pizza offering.

Each Little Pyg pizza chef is sent to Italy for one year, to train under the most famous pizza chef in the world, the ‘Godfather of Pizza’ Enzo Coccia, resulting in Little Pyg now offering Ireland’s only Michelin Guide pizzas.

In addition to their excellent pizza, exceptionally unique surroundings and visual impact, Little Pyg have put much time, energy and resources into ensuring they are, in their not so humble opinion, “the best dining experience in Ireland, at the best price”.

Little Pyg in Dublin

This month they continue in their efforts to stay atop of their game with the announcement of a new co-head chef, just poached from Italy, and a new menu in line with his arrival.

Owner Paul McGlade Jnr has finally welcomed new co-head chef Marco Ilii to both the Little Pyg team, but also to Ireland.

Having just poached him from Italy, it took McGlade Jnr over five months, and multiple Italian trips, to convince Marco to move to Ireland and take up this position within the Little Pyg family.

He explains that the reason he was so eager to poach Marco was he knew Little Pyg’s pizza offering was next-to-none, but he was determined for the rest of their menu to “catch up”.

And it seems Marco Ilii has already done just that.

His arrival to Little Pyg has seen exciting new additions to the menu, such as their new homemade meatballs, pumpkin risotto or their sumptuous ribs marinated in Guinness stout.

Speaking about his the move to Ireland Ilii said: “I’ve brought everything I’ve learned and love the most about Italian food to Little Pyg, but we’ve worked hard to make sure there is always an Irish twist.

“I won’t lie the weather was really holding me back from moving to Dublin, but it was the concept of Little Pyg that finally convinced me to move here,” he adds.

“Paul and his team are really building something so different and special, and I’m excited to be a part of the team that will ultimately open this same concept all over the world, all having started here in Dublin”.

The reality of opening Little Pyg’s all around the world is not as far away as it seems either, with the next one already confirmed to open in the Spanish capital of Madrid next year.