Lottoland: The Future of Lotteries

Lottoland: The Future of Lotteries

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ARE we in a Golden Age of lotteries? It certainly looks that way based on the range of choice available today, not to mention some of the record-breaking jackpots being won around the world.

The last couple of years alone have seen some incredible top prizes paid out. In the US, 2018 saw the world’s largest ever jackpot prize, a breath-taking $1.537bn (or about €1.37bn) shared between just three players – that’s around €450m each.

For Irish players not that long ago, there were just two options: Lotto and EuroMillions. But now there is far more choice than ever before.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your hands on the sort of money offered in those enormous American games? There is a way with Lottoland, where you can dream big about more than just lottery wins.

Try Over 30 International Lotteries

If you fancy trying something other than the same old lotteries, then Lottoland opens up a world of different possibilities. Of course, you can still bet on the Lotto, and although the official EuroMillions lottery isn’t available you can play the Millionaire lotto for the exact same prizes and odds. The difference is that at Lottoland a line bet costs just €2 instead of €2.50. And then there are the other lotteries from all over Europe, Asia, Australia and America – all just a click away. It’s hard to look past those monster US lotteries though, as Powerball and MegaMillions regularly smash records for their jackpot pay-outs.

Paper is So Last Century

Even in 2019, the majority of lotto players still pick up a ticket at their local shop or post office rather than playing online. That suits the lottery organisers, since it drastically increases the number of prizes that go unclaimed every year. In Ireland, it is estimated that around €18 million in prizes from the Lotto goes unclaimed every single year.  Lottoland is the paper-free alternative, where you just choose your numbers and play online. What’s more, you will be informed automatically of the results by email and any winnings go straight into your player account, so you never miss out on a win – no matter how big or small.

Lottoland Special Features

It’s been noted that some lotteries are becoming less popular. After so many years, players are simply becoming bored with the format, so it has been overdue to receive a 21st century upgrade. Lottoland is nothing if not innovative, keeping the fires of excitement stoked with a number of exclusive special features. These can improve your chance of winning, increase the jackpot size, and add some extra spice to the lottery gaming experience. These features include:

  • NumberShield, which allows you to protect certain numbers so that you never have to share your jackpot if your numbers come up.
  • Double jackpot works like the multipliers on the American and other international lotteries by doubling the jackpot on offer on selected lotteries.
  • Subscription betting allows for convenient and automatic renewals of your weekly lottery bet so that you never miss out on a big jackpot.
  • Syndicate betting lets you form online betting syndicates to multiply your chances of claiming a big win.

Plus, you’re not limited to lotteries. Lottoland also offers a fantastic selection of online casino games and slots for your enjoyment.

Online Casino Gaming

More and more Irish players are signing up with Lottoland because of the incredible lottery betting options, and then discovering that a world of casino gaming lies within. Lottoland may have ‘lotto’ in the name, but it is about much, much more than lotteries these days. The Casino section of the site features some of the best slot and casino games out there, with a portfolio of games that is getting bigger all the time. From massive jackpot slot games, the latest video slots and live dealer casino favourites like blackjack, roulette and poker, this site has it all. Not to mention a selection of instant games and scratchcards with millions of euros up for grabs.

Keep the Faith

In the past there has been a certain amount of reluctance for Irish lotto players to go online to play. This is changing though, as you would expect in a time where we spend almost as much time and money online as offline. Lottoland is fully licensed by the Irish government, and legally required to pay out any winners, no matter how large they may be. In fact, just last year Lottoland earned an entry into the World Record books when their pay-out of €90 million to (former) office cleaner Christina earned the award for the highest ever online gaming win.

Sign up for free with Lottoland today and you could just be joining the ranks of new Lottoland millionaires when you play their award-winning selection of games and lotteries.