World's 'most intelligent bin' sends email when full asking to be emptied

World's 'most intelligent bin' sends email when full asking to be emptied

AN award-winning Irish waste reduction manufacturer has created a street bin which uses solar energy to drastically reduce the volume of rubbish deposited within it.

Recycling equipment specialist PEL Waste Reduction Equipment, which has its head office in Balla, Co. Mayo, recently launched its solar compacting smart bin - which reduces waste volume by 90 per cent and sends an email alert when full to create a "collection on demand" waste management system.

The firm, which also has a UK office in Archway, north London, have already installed the street bins in Mayo, Dublin, Limerick, Galway, London, Antwerp and Dubai.

Mayo Councillor Richard Finn with Tommy Griffith and Pearce Gibbons of PEL with their new 'intelligent' Solarstreetbin (Picture: PEL)

Waltham Forest Council in London reported a reduction in collections at Leytonstone underground station from three times per day down to one collection every three days, since using the smart bins.


PEL CEO Tommy Griffith said of their latest innovation: “The PEL Solarstreetbin™ is a product we are very proud to have developed and we are overwhelmed with the initial response from local authorities and private sector clients who see the value in this product.”

He added: “We look forward to creating employment opportunities with this product, as well as continuing our very successful innovation programme at PEL.

“We have had many compliments from both the public and our clients on this bin; it has a stylish design that gives a tardis type effect, which is very fitting given that we believe we have created the most intelligent bin on the planet.”

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