Gerry Adams casts Hugh Grant in unlikely peace process role

Gerry Adams casts Hugh Grant in unlikely peace process role

GERRY ADAMS has taken to Twitter to offer his review of the classic Hugh Grant romance movie Notting Hill, telling his followers that he has ‘forgiven’ the English actor for his deliberations on Northern Ireland.

The 1999 movie was directed by Roger Michell from screenplay by Richard Curtis. It stars Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts with Rhys Ifans, Emma Chambers, Tim McInnerny, Gina McKee, and Hugh Bonneville in supporting roles and Dylan Moran as a shoplifter. The story is of a romance between a London bookseller (Grant) and a famous American actress (Roberts) who happens to walk into his shop. Grant has just d

The former Sinn Féin president, who often reviews movies on Twitter, commented on the film after watching it on RTÉ recently.

He tweeted: “Much as I disagree with Hugh Grant’s railing against President Clinton’s support for Irish peace process back in the day I forgive him because of Notting Hill. . . . .  A great film!”

The comments section was full of fans wondering what this mysterious role Grant played in the peace process. Others wondered if it was all tongue in cheek — which is the most likely answer.

One tweet said of Adams’ comments: “I also would like to know more about this! Gonna make Love Actually a bit harder to watch this Christmas.”

Another added: "want to know more! What was Hugh Grants problem??? Whatever it was…I agree… Notting Hill is a great movie.”

It's unclear what Mr Adams was referring to in terms of Grant's opinion of President Clinton.

Grant was married to actress Elizabeth Hurley who was accused of having an affair with President Clinton in the 1990s, something she repeatedly and categorically denied.

President Clinton, of course, has long been singled out as one of the stalwarts of the peace process.

Hugh Grant’s only other public connection with Northern Ireland appears to be his portrayal last year of villain Forge Fletcher on the set of Dungeons & Dragons in Carrickfergus and other locations in Northern Ireland.