Irish comedian's hilarious Professor Brian Cox parody video goes viral

Irish comedian's hilarious Professor Brian Cox parody video goes viral

AN IRISH comedian's sketch parodying BBC science shows and presenter Professor Brian Cox has amassed almost 4million views in two days.

And not only has Seán Burke's video proved a viral hit online, it has also got the thumbs up from Prof. Cox himself.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, the physicist quipped: "I've found someone to do all the long lens staring at the sky shots on top of mountains for the next series. Nobody will notice."

Not only is Burke's impression of Cox on point, the sketch perfectly captures the tone and style of the Beeb's expensively produced science shows.

Burke has previously appeared on the BBC as part of the cast of Radio 1's What iS Music Videos? — a spoof look at how music videos are made.

The London-based comedian also presented the Channel 4 online comedy series Hollywood Hijack and was a regular on RTÉ shows Republic of Telly and Callan's Kicks.

Prof. Cox has been a stalwart of BBC science shows since fronting Wonders of the Solar System in 2010.

He has since presented numerous shows including Stargazing Live, Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of Life and Forces of Nature.

His latest show, Universe, premiered on BBC Two in October.

Given how well he has taken Burke’s parody, maybe we could see a collaboration in the future.

You can check out more of Burke's content on his YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Ko-fi pages.