Irish MEP accidentally bares bottom half during European Parliament conference

Irish MEP accidentally bares bottom half during European Parliament conference

AN IRISH MEP has experienced the nightmare scenario of working from home as he accidentally bared his bottom half to the European Parliament during a video conference.

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan, an Independent Member of the European Parliament for the Midlands North West, was participating in a committee meeting on agriculture where he appeared to be smartly dressed in a pink shirt.

But as he was called to speak, he moved back from the camera-- and his bare legs were revealed.

As he spoke about the distress farmers in Ireland were under as part of a conversation regarding EU CAP subsidies, translators could be heard holding back their laughter as and other members of parliament grinned broadly.


MEP Flanagan rubbed his legs as he spoke, seemingly unaware that the European Parliament could see his bare legs and underwear from under his shirt.

Mr Flanagan took it all in good humour as news of his faux-pas spread across social media, later saying he had just returned from a run and had gotten dressed hurriedly in time for the meeting.

"Was in a T-shirt two minutes before," he wrote on Twitter. "Decided to put on a shirt to look respectable! That worked really well."

You can check out another video of Ming's faux-pas-- as well as his query in defence of farmers-- below.

The Irish politician isn't the first person to become a victim of the working from home nightmare scenario-- in March, a TV broadcaster was caught in the exact same situation as he gave a live report from his home.


The joys of working from home!