Jamie Dornan: 'I was so creepy around The Fall's female cast'

Jamie Dornan: 'I was so creepy around The Fall's female cast'

ACTOR Jamie Dornan has said that he had to keep apologising to the female cast members of Belfast drama The Fall because he was doing "the creepiest things imaginable" during filming of the BBC crime series.

Dornan, who plays serial killer Paul Spector in the hit show, said that he repeatedly apologised to co-star Gillian Anderson and other female characters because his character freaked them out.

The Northern Irish star said: “I was doing the creepiest things imaginable so I kept apologising to them. It wasn’t easy for them and I was very aware of how hard it was so I kept saying sorry during horrible scenes.”

Dornan, who is currently filming a second series of the show, also explained that the role in the crime thriller is a far cry from the suave billionaire playboy persona he adopts for his upcoming movie 50 Shades of Grey.

He said: “It’s a brutal head space to maintain so I made a point of getting out of character – I definitely didn’t want to take him home!”

The first season of the BBC drama was a big hit with both UK and Irish audiences and the new season will see Detective Gibson continue her pursuit of Paul Spector.

“I’m delighted to be back in production for the second series of The Fall,” Dornan added. “[Writer] Allan Cubitt has outdone himself, and the scripts are stunning.”

John Lynch also returns to the series as assistant chief constable Jim Burns, as will Bronagh Waugh, who plays the serial killer’s unknowing wife Sally-Ann.

The second season of The Fall is expected to broadcast later this year or in early 2015.