A roundup of 7 brilliantly hilarious Irish TV fails

A roundup of 7 brilliantly hilarious Irish TV fails


1. "His excitement got the better of him!"

This adorable Christmas reunion in Dublin airport didn't quite go to plan when a little boy got a bit over-excited to see his uncle.

2. "It's still dangerous for Dublin pedestrians"

By far the most famous slip-up (Excuse the pun) ever shown on Irish television, this man remains a legend to this day. Any time there's even a mention of the slightest possibility of snow hitting Ireland this legendary clip gets brought up. What a glorious fall.


Detrimental weather brings out the best in Irish TV, and this live broadcast from Teresa Mannion in the middle of Storm Desmond is no exception. Her iconic warning about the dangerous conditions led to countless memes and remixes, and earned her a spot in the Irish Hilarity Hall of Fame.

4. "WHAT?"

This incredible slip-up from RTE presenter Aengus Mac Grianna became so famous that it was featured on the Jimmy Kimmel show in the US. It's hard to say which part is funnier-- the absolute preening going on, the look of slowly-dawning dread as a producer speaks in his ear to tell him he's live, or the antagonistic "WHAT?" Long live Aengus Mac Grianna

5. "Unsufferable arseholes!"

RTE's Late Late Show became a bit more exciting than usual when it was interrupted by fairly unhappy man who strolled on to the stage and called presenter Pat Kenny and his predecessor Gay Byrne "unsufferable arseholes" and a "piece of sh*t", made all the better by Kenny's go-to response: "Thank you very much".

6. "If they tortured her I couldn't get anything out of this woman"

In Ireland, tickets to the Late Late Toy show are worth a milion times more than gold-- for 99.9% of people at least. When this woman was told she had won tickets to the annual show she was so bored, mean and "not particularly interested" that Kenny took the drastic step of ripping up the tickets live on air. Hearts broke across the country that day.

7. "What's Snots?"

This section on Irish children's TV in the early 2000's is a benchmark for the saying "Don't work with animals or children". Both kids are totally unable to grasp the rules of the game, especially Kevin from Galway who doesn't even seem to know where he is-- but it has a happy ending, as both children get bicycles.  Maybe that was their plan all along-- legends!