The wit of Terry Wogan: The veteran Eurovision host’s best bits

The wit of Terry Wogan: The veteran Eurovision host’s best bits

TERRY WOGAN, the much loved Irish TV and radio host who passed away on Sunday, January 31, was for decades, the reason so many of us tuned in to watch the Eurovision song contest.

He presented the show since 1971 and, despite passing the reigns to fellow Irishman Graham Norton in 2008, to a generation Wogan’s wry wit was the highlight of the music contest. Always charming, but often controversial we take a look at some of his wittiest Eurovision one-liners...

Questioning the Icelandic entrant Pauls Oskas’ outfit choice in Dublin in 1997:

I hope the mesh in those stockings pass the EU regulations

In 2002 it was the turn of UK entrant Jessica Garlick

Let’s cheer her on with word and gesture! Mind you, her frock’s been through the shredder

He was equally scathing about the hairstyles worn by Norwegian entrants, charmed in 2000:

 During rehearsal it was apparent that the Norwegian hairdresser had had a nervous breakdown

In Tallinn 2002, as Estonian hosts Annely Peebo and Marko Matvere broke into song:

I don't know about you, I'm going to have a stiff drink

In 2001 he caused uproar in Denmark with his description of Danish hosts Soren Pilmark and Natasja Crone-Back:

Dr Death and the Toothfairy

On France's 2006 entry Il était temps (It Was Time) performed by Virginie Pouchain:

That's the same song the French have been singing since they hung the washing up on the Maginot Line

Towards the end of his Eurovision career, introducing the 2007 contest in Finland:

​Who knows what hellish future lies ahead? Actually I do, I've seen the rehearsals