When is Derry Girls back? Everything we know about Season 3 and the upcoming movie

When is Derry Girls back? Everything we know about Season 3 and the upcoming movie

IT'S ONE of the most popular Irish comedy shows in decades, rivalling Father Ted in both its popularity and hilarity.

But the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works when it comes to filming the newest-- and final-- season.

As we wait (however impatiently) for the new season of Derry Girls, here's everything we know about season 3, the upcoming movie and possible new characters.


When will Derry Girls be back?

Season 3 of Derry Girls will be back when... the pandemic is pretty much over.

It's a shame, but unfortunately season 3 of Derry Girls just can't be rushed. Star Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare in the hit show, sad it is "integral" that the show is filmed in Derry rather than anywhere else in the world, but due to restrictions "we can't do anything involving a crowd right now".

Things might make a turn for the better sooner than expected however, as Northern Ireland is vaccinating citizens at a quick rate-- so filming of Season 3 could begin this summer.


What do we know about season 3 of Derry Girls?

What we know about Derry Girls season 3 so far is that it's going to be 'brilliant'-- according to Nicola Coughlan at least, and we'd trust her judgement.

The Derry Girls star told the Belfast Telegraph that she has been briefed on the plotlines for Season 3 by the show's creator Lisa McGee, and said "they're so brilliant, which doesn't surprise me".

The third series of the show is expected to take place on the backdrop of the Good Friday Agreement, and the gang will be a little older in the new series - around 17, to be precise. 

McGee told the I Newspaper "They’re going to be forced to grow up a bit this series [but] they’re still eejits,  they still get into a lot of trouble, and embarrass themselves and do all those things you’d expect the Derry Girls to do, but they do have to face some big things this time.

"It’s still funny. The most important thing is that it brings joy to people. I want to make people really, really laugh.” 

Series 3 of Derry Girls will also see the effect that the peace plan has on Northern Ireland and society as a whole-- "We realise that people want this [peace] long term, they want to make this work. You were constantly worried about it – you didn’t believe it would last

"Aunt Sarah has this mad idea that there are going to be loads of new criminals out there, now there’s no IRA – ‘Well, we knew what we were dealing with then…’ – people had these ridiculous conversations about what to expect, when that was all we’d known.” 

Who will be in season 3 of Derry Girls?

Is this the last season of Derry Girls?

Sadly, it seems Season 3 will be the last season of Derry Girls, with creator Lisa McGee admitting it wouldn't seem right to keep writing them after they have grown up.

Season 3 will see the gang be slightly older than before at around 17, and will signal the beginning of the end for the show as creator Lisa McGee admits that she is keen to wrap things up after series three with a feature film.

"I don’t want to write them beyond 18. It’s about that magic time, before you’re officially an adult,” she explained to I Newspaper.


When will the Derry Girls movie be out?

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee has long hinted at a feature film to wrap up the hit show, and recently confirmed plans are afoot for a movie version of the hit sitcom to wrap things up after season 3.

She told The Ray D'Arcy Show:

"For a while I didn't know if it would work but now an idea is starting to vaguely form in my head, so after series three I'll think about that a bit more.

"I'd like to do it," she said, "and I think the cast would too so I think that would be the long-term plan."

McGee isn't wrong about the cast being up for a Derry Girls film-- last year, we met Sister Michael actress Siobhán McSweeney, who admitted she's almost as eager for it to happen as the show's legion of fans.

"I'd love it to happen," McSweeney told The Irish Post.

"I’d love to do one. I’d love to see what adventures they get up to."

Unfortunatley we don't have an idea of the date the movie could come out-- but seeing as it will be after season 3 ends, we'll be waiting a while-- at least it's something to look forward to.